Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Spots and dots

• Histo spot: Punched-out chorioretinal scars in Presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (POHS)
• Cotton-Wool Spots: Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of cotton-wool spots. Cotton-wool spots have been associated with numerous other abnormalities, such as systemic arterial
hypertension, collagen vascular diseases, cardiac valvular disease, carotid artery obstructive
disease, coagulopathies, metastatic carcinoma, trauma, and human immunodeficiency virus infection.
Efield spot=Whitish grey spot in peripheral iris,seen in Down’s syndrome.
• Elschnig spot=Yellow patches overlying area of choroidal infarction in hypertension.
• Fischer-Khunt spot= Senile scleral paque,area of hyalinised sclera anterior horizontal rectus muscle insertion. Seen in old age.

• Foster Fuch’s spot=Pigmented (RPE hyperplasia) macular leisons in pathological myopia.

• Gunn’s dot=light reflectios from internal limiting membrane around disc and macula
• Horner-Trantras Dot= Collections of eosinophils at limbus in vernal conjunctivitis.
• Kayes’ dot (Krachmer’s spot)= subepithelial infiltrates seen in corneal graft rejection
• Mittendorf’s dot= whitish spot at posterior lens surface, remnant of hyaloid artery.
• Roth spots= haemorrhages with white centres ,seen in SABE, severe anaemia, collagen vascular disorders.
• Cherry red spot: Central retinal artery occlusion, Commotio retinae (Berlin’s oedema),Tay-Sachs’ disease, Niemann-Pick’s disease, Gaucher’s disease
• Cream-colored spots: The classic diagnostic feature of bird-shot vitiliginous chorioretinitis is cream-colored spots, often as large as 0.5 to 1 disc diameter, that are scattered throughout the
• Koplik’s spots: on conjunctiva in measles Lines & Rings in Ophth
• Arlt’s Line = conjunctival scar in sulcus subtarsalis in Trachoma.
• Ehrlich-Turck Line = linear deposition of KPs in uveitis
• Ferry’s Line = corneal epithelial iron line at the edge of filtering blebs.

• Hudson-Stahil Line= Horizonatl corneal epithelial

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