Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dots and lines in Opthalmology

Dots in ophthalmology

Gunn’s dot= light reflections from internal limiting membrane around disc and macula
Horner-Trantras Dot=Collections of eosinophils at limbus in vernal conjunctivitis.
Kayes’ dot=subepithelial infiltrates seen in corneal graft rejection
Mittendorf’s dot=whitish spot at posterior lens surface,remnant of hyaloid artery.
Lines in Ophthalmology
Arlt’s Line = conjunctival scar in sulcus subtarsalis.
Ehrlich-Turck Line = linear deposition of KPs in ueitis
Ferry’s Line = corneal epithelial iron line at the edge of filtering blebs.
Hudson-Stahil Line= Horizonatl corneal epithelial iron line at the inferior one third of cornea due to aging.
Khodadoust Line = corneal graft endothelial rejection line composed of inflammatory cells.
Paton’s Line = Circumferential retinal folds due to optic nerve edema.
Sampaoelesi line = Increased pigmentation anterior to Schwalbe’s line in pseudoexfoliation syndrome.
Scheie’s Line = pigment on lens equator and posterior capsule in pigment dispersion syndrome.
Schwalbe’s Line = Angle structure representing peripheral edge of Descemets membrane.
Stockers Line = Corneal epithelial iron line at the edge of pterygium
White lines of Vogt = Sheathed or sclerosed vessels seen in Lattice degeneration

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