Sunday, 19 October 2014

CPR Guidelines

AHA CPR Guidelines 2010
NOTE: Sequence has changed from airway, breathing, chest compressions (ABC) to chest compressions, airway, breathing (CAB) per the 2010 AHA Guidelines
Untrained lay rescuers should do compression-only CPR; whereas, trained lay rescuers and healthcare providers (HCP) should include compressions and breathing
check pulse at carotid
compression landmarks: lower half of sternum, between nipples just below intermammary line
do not press on the xiphoid or the ribs
compression method: 2-finger chest compression for lone rescuer or 2-thumbs encircling hands for 2 rescuers
compression depth: approximately 1.5 inches (about 4 cm) in most infants
allow complete chest recoil after each compression
compression rate: at least 100/min
compression-ventilation ratio: 30:2 (single rescuer); 15:2 (2 HCP rescuers)
minimize interruptions in compressions; limit interruptions to <10 seconds
head tilt-chin (HCP suspected trauma: use jaw thrust)
ventilation with advanced airway: 1 breath every 6-8 seconds (8-10 breaths/min)
asynchronous with chest compressions
about 1 second per breath
visible chest rise
avoid excessive ventilation
attach and use AED as soon as available
minimize interruptions in chest compressions before and after shock

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