Friday, 12 September 2014

Planning committee

Here is a quick way to remember atleast few points about each Committee

1. Bhore Committee- Bored the medicos with 3 years of training in PSM ..(Indeed a BORE commitee)

2. Mudaliar Commitee - Remember history !! Mudaliar was an IAS this committee constituted All india health service under IAS scheme

3. Chadah committee - Chadah wud go to sleep in a Chaddi and the mosquitoes will bite he ll suffer Frm malaria..This commitee worked on Malaria eradicatn programe.

4. Mukherjee committee- So many mukherjees in bengal !! so they worked on Family planning sheme to Reduce their numbers..

5.Jungalwalla committee- Made junglee provisions..No private practice,concept of equal and special pay..

6.Kartar singh Committee-Punjabis always work in groups..If u kick one 10 will kick u they gave concept of multipurpose workers

7.Most important- SHRivastav Committee..reverse the first 3 letters.
RHS - Referral service, Health education , Semi and para professional workers.
RHS=Rural health scheme.

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