Thursday, 11 September 2014


MC Fracture overall in Human Body : Clavicle
MC Fracture during childbirth : Clavicle
MC Fracture in a newly born child : Clavicle
MC Fracture in childhood : Greenstick Fracture of Radius/Ulna
MC Fracture in childhood around elbow : Supracondylar Fracture Humerus
MC Carpal Bone Fracture : Scaphoid
MC Carpal Bone Dislocation : Lunate
MC Tarsal Bone Fracture : Calcaneum
MC Tarsal Bone Dislocation : Talus
MC Fracture due to Fall on Ouststretched Hand (FOOSH)
- Elderly : Colles’ Fracture
- Adults : Scaphoid
- Children : Supracondylar Fracture Humerus

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