Thursday, 10 July 2014

Nerves and plexus

Arnold's nerve is the auricular branch (also known as the mastoid branch) of the vagus nerve.
Hering's nerve is the branch of glossopharyngeal nerve to the carotid sinus.
Nerve of Kuntz is a connection from the second intercostal nerve to the first thoracic ventral ramus.
The nerve of Henlé, a branch of the ulnar nerve in the forearm, is thought to deliver sympathetic innervation to the ulnar artery.
Arnold's nerve is also called Alderman's nerve.
Auerbach's plexus (or myenteric plexus) provides motor innervation to both layers of the tunica muscularis, having both parasympathetic and sympathetic input, whereas Meissner's plexus has only parasympathetic fibers and provides secretomotor innervation to the mucosa nearest the lumen of the gut.
The diagonal band of Broca is one of the forebrain nuclei that are derived from the ventral telencephalon during development. This structure forms the medial margin of the anterior perforated substance.

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