Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Facies special

1. Mask like facies = parkinsonism.
2. Elfin facies = william's syndrome.
3. Moon facies = cushing's syndrome.
4. Snarling facies = myasthenia gravis.
5. Mitral facies = mitral stenosis.
6. Ashen grey facies = myocardial infarction.
7. Mouse facies = chronic renal failure (crf)
8. Adenoid facies = adenoid hypertrophy.
9. Leonine facies = lepromatous leprosy .
10. Bird facies = pierre robin syndrome.
11. Mongoloid facies = down's syndrome.
12. Coarse facies = most of the inborn errors of metabolism (iem) viz. The muco- polysaccharidoses
(mps), mucolipidoses (ml), fucosidoses mannosidoses, sialidoses, aspartylglycosaminuria,
generalised gangliosidosis(gml ) and austin's variant of metachromatic leukodystrophy due to
multiple sulfatase deficiency (mld-msd) have similar appearing facies.
13. Syphilitic facies = congenital syphilis ( bull dog jaw)
14. Hippocratic face(also known as"hippocratic facies"; eyes are sunken, temples collapsed, nose is
pinched with crusts on the lips and the forehead is clammy)
15. Potter facies- oligohydramnios
16. Amiodarone facies(deep blue discoloration around malar area and nose)
17. Acromegalic facies- acromegaly
18. Marfanoid facies- marfan's syndro
19. Mesnarling facies- myasthenia gravis
20. Myotonic facies- myotonic dystrophy
21. Torpid facies- myxoedema
22. Mouse facies- chronic renal failures
23. Myxoedemamouse facies- chronic renal failure
24. Plethoric facies- cushing's syndrome and polycythemia vera
25. Ashen grey facies- myocardial infarction
26. Gargoyle facies- hurler's syndrome
27. Monkey facies- marasmus
28. Hatchet facies- myotonica atropathica
29. Guerilla like face- acromegaly
30. Bovine facies or cow face- cranio fascial dysostosis or crouzons syndrome
31. Marshall halls facies- hydrocephalus
32. Frog face- intra nasal disease

41. Bird facies (Pierre Robin Malformation)
42. Chipmunk facies ( Untreated β Thalassemia major, Bullimia nervosa, Parotid swelin
43. Leonine facies (Lepromatous Leprosy)
44. Adenoid facies (Adenoid hypertrophy)
45. Torpid or Myxedematous facies (Myxedema)
46. Mask like or Parkinsonian facies (Parkinsonism)
47. Acromegalic facies (Acromegaly)
48. Cushingoid facies (Cushing syndrome)
49. Gargoyle facies (Hurler syndrome)

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