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OBG: Rapid Fire:-

OBG: Rapid Fire:-

1. Cyclical hematuria suggests which type of fistula in females:

2. Commonest site of secondary metastasis in Choriocarcinoma:

3. Treatment of inevitable abortion in 10th week of pregnancy: Dilatation & evacuation

4. Commonest site of ectopic pregnancy:

5. Alpha-fetoprotein is low in:
Down syndrome

6. Heart disease having highest mortality in pregnancy:
Eisenmenger’s complex

7. Trial of labor is CONTRAINDICATED in:
Previous 2 or more Cesarean section

8. Commonest cause of breech presentation is:

9. Low Forceps are applied when the station of head is:

10. Maximum breast milk secretion occurs at which month:
3 months

11. Use of steroids in neonates is required in:
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

12. Karyotype in androgen insensitivity syndrome: 46XY

13. Size of uterus:
3 x 2 x 1 inches.

14. Stress incontinence is best corrected by:
Bladder neck repair

15. Gonococcal infection spreads by:
Involvement of adjacent structures/ Ascending route

16. OCP of choice in lactation period:
Minipill/ progesterone only pill

17. A woman has 20 ml menstrual blood loss every 35 days. She suffers from: Oligomenorrhea

18. MC site of Endometriosis:

19. Commonest ovarian tumour complicating pregnancy:

20. Most definitive clinical sign of pregnancy is:
Fetal heart sounds

2. Involution of the uterus is completed by:
6 weeks

22. Earliest indication of concealed acute bleeding in pregnancy is:

23. A patient presents at 28 weeks gestation with severe abdominal pain, bleeding and hypertension. The most likely diagnosis is:
Accidental hemorrhage

24. Feature suggestive of ectopic pregnancy in a young woman with acute abdomen:
Abdominal pain,
Vaginal bleeding.

25. MC type of pelvis associated with direct OccipitoPosterior position is:

26. Most unfavorable presentation for vaginal delivery is:

27. Deep Transverse Arrest is commonly seen in which type of pelvis:

28. An absolute indication for Classical Caesarean section is:
Central placenta previa

29. Best contraceptive method in a patient with heart disease is:
Barrier methods

30. MC complication of IUCD is:

31. Antituberculous drug CONTRAINDICATED in pregnancy:
Streptomycin, pyrazinamide

32. Safest drug in pregnancy is:
INH (also rifampicin)

33  Antithyroid of choice in pregnancy:
Propylthiouracil (also methimazole)

34. Chorionic villous sample is done at what time:
10-12 weeks

35. Fetus in a diabetic mother are at risk of developing which cardiac lesions: 

36. Menopausal hormonal change:
Increased Gonadotropins, Decreased estrogen

37. Progesterone is produced by: Granulosa luteal cells (corpus luteum)

38. Procedure of choice to diagnose uterus didelphis is:

39 Rarest complication in a fibroid uterus is: Sarcomatous change (0.5%)

40. Cryptomenorrhoea occurs due to:
Imperforate hymen

41. MC complication of an ovarian tumour is:

42. MC complication of cryotherapy is:
Watery discharge

43  Most effective drug in Sheehan’s syndrome is:

44. MC indication of In-Vitro Fertilization is:
Abnormality of fallopian tube

45. Jaundice at birth or within 24 hours of birth is commonly due to:
Erythroblastosis fetalis

46. Genetic disorders are diagnosed at 11 weeks of pregnancy by:
Chorionic villous biopsy

47. Abnormal alpha -fetoprotein is seen in:
Open neural tube defects,
multiple gestation

48. Weight of placenta at term is: 500 gm

49. Associated with oligohydramnios:
Renal agenesis

50. Treatment of a 40 year old P(4+2) female, who has been diagnosed to H. mole is:
Total hysterectomy

51. Management of Choriocarcinoma is:

52. Ectopic pregnancy is MC in:
Previous history of recurrent PID

53. In puerperium, uterus becomes a pelvic organ after:
2 weeks

54. PIH can be predicted by which test:
Gant’s rolling over test

55. Prognosis in Rh-incompatibility depends on:
Serum bilirubin

56. Anti-hypertensive NOT given in pregnancy:
ACE inhibitors

57. Antimalarial of choice in pregnancy:

58. Pap smear in pregnancy is:
Routine as a part of screening

59. Fetal scalp pH: 7.3

60. Earliest conclusive evidence of intrauterine death:
Intra-aortic gas

61.  Fetal blood loss in abnormal cord insertion is seen in:
Vasa previa

62. Fetal scalp edema on USG is suggestive of:
Rh incompatibility

63. Drug which may be used for post-coital contraception:
RU 486/ mifepristone

64. Activity of corpus luteum activity is maintained by:

65. Hormone responsible for positive ‘Fern test’ is:

66. Drug used for induction of ovulation:
Clomiphene, Tamoxifen

67. Ovarian tumour likely to involve the opposite ovary by metastasis:
Granulosa cell tumour

68. Pelvic Ca which can cause Krukenberg’s tumour:
Ovarian Ca

69. LEAST observed laboratory finding in neonatal sepsis:

70. Site of fertilization:

71. Peak growth velocity in adolescent girls is seen just after:
Appearance of pubic hair and axillary hair

72. Phocomelia is:
Defect in long bones

73. Progress of labor is charted on:

74. Score for checking need of induction of labor:
Bishop score

75. Shortest diameter for fetal skull:
1. Bimastoid
2. Bitemporal

76. MC heart disease associated with pregnancy:
Mitral stenosis 

77. Common congenital malformation seen in a diabetic pregnant woman: 
Cardiac defects 

78. Feature of a contracted pelvis has a transverse diameter of:
10 cm

79. Type of pelvis associated with increased incidence of ‘Face to pubis’ delivery:

80. Manoeuvre used for delivering after coming head of breech presentation is:
Burn Marshall technique

81. Rupture of membrane is said to be premature when it occurs at:
Prior to 1st stage of labor

82. Likely size of uterus at 8 weeks post-partum is:
100 gm

83. Post-partum decidual secretions are referred to as:

84. IUGR is defined when:
Birth weight below 10th of the average gestational age

85. IUCD with half life of 10 years:
Cu T 380A

86. Asymptomatic carriage of gonococcal infection in female is commonly seen in:

87. Primary amenorrhoea with 45 XO, short stature suggest:
Turner syndrome

88. Karyotype of Klinefelters syndrome 47XXY

89. Carcinoma cervix extends upto lateral pelvic wall. The stage would be:
Stage III

90. A 42 year old female P3+0+0+3 is found to have carcinoma in situ. Best treatment would be:

91. Masculizing/ virilizing tumour of ovary:

92. Best prognosis for reversibility is seen in which type of female sterilization:
Isthmic-isthmic type

93. A middle aged female presents with increasing visual loss, breast enlargement & irregular menses. Investigation of choice would be: 
Serum prolactin

94. Failure rate of Pomeroys method:

95. Copper eluted from Cu T daily:
50 microgram

96. Antispermal antibodies in cervical mucus can be checked by:
Post coital test

97. Genital ridge forms:

98 Length of fallopian tube: 10 cm

99. Platelet count in pregnancy:

100. Which disease carries high chances of transplacental transfer in first trimester:

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