Friday, 20 June 2014

Named glands

Bartholin's gland = Greater vestibular glands
Blandin's glands = Anterior lingual glands
Bruch's glands  = Lymph follicles in the conjunctiva of lower lid.
Brunner's glands = Duodenal glands
Bulbourethral gland = One of two glands embedded in the substance of the sphincter of the urethra, posterior tothe membranous part of the urethra.
Celiac glands = Lymph nodes anterior to the abdominal aorta.
Ceruminous glands = Cerumen-secreting Coccygeal gland = Glomus coccegeum.
Cowper's gland = Bulbourethral gland
Ebner's glands = Serous glands at the back of the tongue near the taste buds.
Galeati's glands = Duodenal glands
Gay's glands = Circumanal glands
Haversian glands = Synovial vill
Holocrine gland = One whose discharged secretion contains the entire secreting cells.
Littre's glands = Prepeutial glands
Meibomian glands = Sebaceous follicles between the cartilage and conjunctiva of eyelids.
Merocrine gland  = One in
Monoptychial gland = One in which the tubules or alveoli are lined with a single layer ofsecreting cells.
Morgagni's glands = Urethral glands
Nuhn's glands = Anterior lingual glands
Skene's glands = Paraurethral glands in female urethra
Suzanne's gland = A mucous gland of the mouth, beneath the alveolingual groove.
Tarsal glands = Tarsoconjunctival glands = Meibomian glands
Tyson's glands = Prepeutial glands
Weber's glands = The tubular mucous glands of the tongue.
Glands of Zeis  = Modified rudimentary sebaceous glands attached directly to the eyelash follicles.

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