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1.  A bruise showing bluish black discolouration is 4 days old.
2.  A contusion assumes green colour by 6 days.
3.  A female has more sternal index, ischiopubic index and sciatic notch index.
4.  A green line in gums in copper poisoning is Clepten line
5.  A short barrelled rifle is called carbine.
6.  A x B ( i.e OA x OB) = O, A, B, AB. All are possible:
7.  About 1900 cals is the minimum daily dietetic requirement below which manifestations
of starvation appear.
8.  Abrasion is seen in injury with rifled arm
9.  Abrin is the active principle of abrus precatorius.
10.  Abrus is viper-like poison.
11.  Absence of III molar tooth indicates that the person is definitely under the age of 17
12.  Absolute alcohol has 99.95% alcohol.
13.  Absorption of lead is mainly through lung.
14.  Accepted procedure of first aid for cafe coronary is Heimlich manoeuvre.
15.  Aconite is known as Sweet poison.
16.  Aconite is most commonly used as a homicidal poison.
17.  Addiction drugs are: Alcohol, Barbiturates, Cocaine, Cannabis, Chloral hydrate,
Opium, Pethidine.
18.  Affiliation cases are related to paternity dispute.
19.  After death, benzidine test is positive up to 150 years. Bones begin to decompose after
death in 3-10 years.
20.  After death, the onset of putrefaction is in the stage of secondary relaxation.
21.  After respiration, the weight of lungs increases by about 30 gm.
22.  After taking cyanide, patient first feels numbness in extremities.
23.  Age of consent for medical examination is after eruption of III molar.
24.  Age of maturity for those under court of wards is 21 years. In India, sexual maturity is
gained at 14 years of age.
25.  Agonal period is period between lethal occurrence and death.
26.  Albumin helps to precipitate in Mercury poisoning.
27.  Albumin helps to precipitate poison in Mercury poisoning.
28.  Alcohol gaze nystagmus is produced at an average blood levels of 80 mg%
29.  Alcohol is maximally absorbed from small intestine.
30.  Alcoholic palimpsests are a type of blackout.
31.  Algor mortis refers to cooling of body
32.  Amenorrhoea and infertility can occur in chronic lead poisoning.
33.  American Law Institute Test is related to criminal responsibility.
34.  Amygdaline is the glucosides of vegetable origin found in cyanides.
35.  Amyl nitrate is an antidote for poisoning due to hydrocyanic acid.
36.  Amyl nitrate is antidote of cocaine poisoning.
37.  An infant born before 210 days is not legally considered capable of maintaining a
separate existence.
38.  Anterior fontanel closes by 18 months of age.
39.  Antidote for chlorpyriphos poisoning is. PAM.
40.  Antidote used in common types of poisonous shakes, in India includes polyvalent
antisnake venom.
41.  Antidote used in common types of poisonous snakes in India includes polyvalent
antisnake venom.
42.  Apoplexy is cerebral congestion.
43.  Arborescent markings are seen in lightening.
44.  'Arrow poison' is nux vomical (also called Kuchila).
45.  Arsenic is employed for embalming of Cadaver.
46.  Arsenic poisoning may lead to thrombocytopenia, leukemia and BM suppression.
47.  Arsenic, Aconite and Dhatura are generally used as homicidal poisons.
48.  Atropine— Physostigmine

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