Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Typical cells of pathology... -

1) Ascoff giant cells in rheumatic heart disease.
      Also called caterpillar cells
2)Asteroid bodies - sarcoidosis
3)Armani ebstein cells- epithelial cells of PCT in patients with diabetes
4)Burr cells-abnormal RBC having spines in uraemia ..
5)Creola bodies in sputum of bronchial asthma patient ..
6)Colloid or civatte bodies in LICHEN PLANUS-a disorder of skin n              mucous membrane..
7)Councilman body-yellow fever
8) Clear cells-adeno carcinomas.
9)Classic RS cells-mixed cellularity type.
10)clue cells-bacterial vaginosis
11) Dutcher bodies ( in nucleus)in multiple myeloma
12)Dohle bodies & pseudo-pegler-huet cells in myelo dysplastic syndrome
13)Foam cells ( lipid laden macrophages and smooth cells) ..... Seen in  atherosclerosis
14)Ferruginous bodies- asbestosis
15)Flame cells-multiple myeloma
16)Gamma gandy bodies -CVC spleen
17)Glitter cells-pathognomonic of pyelonephritis,leukocyte with visible movement of cytoplasmic processes.
18)Gitter cells/hortega cells-modified microglia in CNS that form complex     granular corpuscles.
19)Halberstaedar prowazek bodies- trachoma
20)Heart failure cells-CVC lung, hemosiderin-laden macrophages) also in Pulmonary edema
21) Heinz bodies, bite cells, spherocytes - hereditary spherocytosis
22)Hirano bodies in Alzheimer's disease
23)Hobnail cells-clear cell tumour of ovary
24)Hofbauer- placenta(early pregnancy)
25)Hurthle cells-hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune)
       Hurthle cell in follicular carcinoma
26)Ito cell - present in space of disse in liver
27)Lacunar cells-nodular sclerosis subtype of HL.
28)Langhans cells-a type of giant cell seen in epitheloid granuloma. 29)Langerhans cells-antigen presenting cells in epidermis (modified macrophages)
30)Leishman donovan bodies- kala azar
31)Leventhal Cole Lillie bodies- psittacosis
32)LE cell-neutrophil in SLE
33)Lewy bodies are neurons containing intra cytoplasmic , eosinophilic elongated inclusions in parkinsonism
34)Mallory bodies- alchoholic hepatitis
35)Merkle cells-lower layer of epidermis.
36)Miyagawa bodies- LGV
37)Muller cells-neuroglia present in retinal epithelium.
38)Negri bodies in rabies
39)Osteoclast like giant cells - pancreatic cancers
40)Psammoma bodies seen in meningioma , papillary cystadenocarcinoma of ovary, papillary carcinoma of thyroid
41)Pick cells in pick disease a neurodegenerative disorder.
42)Popcorn cells-lymphocyte predominance type.
43)Reed Sternberg cells-Hodgkin's lymphoma
44)Rusell bodies in multiple myeloma
45)Schistocytes , burr cells , helmet cells , triangle cells - microangiopathic hemolytic anaemia
46)Sickle cells , target cells , Howell jolly bodies -sickle cell anemia
47)Signet ring cells-krukenburg tumour
48)Smudge cells - CLL/ SLL
49)Spider cells-rhabdomyoma.
50)Tadpole cells-seen in pap smear of SQCC of cervix.
51)Tart cell lymphocyte in SLE stave cells - spleen
52)Tear drop cells in megaloblastic anemia ,primary myelofibrosis
53)Virchow cells or lepra cells-lepromatous leprosy
54)Verocay bodies in schwammoma
55)Weibel Palade bodies- EM findng in tumors of vascular origin

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