Monday, 19 May 2014

Parkland Formula

1. Calculation of area of burn (By using 'Rule of nine')

Burnt area = Anterior chest (9%) + Posterior chest (9%) + Both upper limbs (18%) = Total 36%

Fluid required (By using Parkland's formula) :

Fluid to be given in 24 hours post burn = 4 x Body weight x Percentage of burnt area. = 4 x 50 x 36 = 7200 ml

Half of this amount (3600 ml) should be given in first 8 hours, and remaining half in next 16 hours. But, calculation should be made from the 'TIME of BURN' , and not from the time of hospitalization. So, since this female was hospitalized two hours after getting burnt, she should receive 3600 ml of fluid within 6 hours after hospitalization. (i.e. upto 10 pm).

2. Drops per minute :

['Drop factor' of an i.v infusion set indicates the number of drops falling in its chamber which will make ONE ml of fluid. It is variable (e.g. 10, 15, 16 or 20) for different infusion sets and is printed on the packet.]

Formula : "Drops per minute = (Amount of fluid to be given in ml / Time in minutes) X Drop factor"

Here, you have to infuse 3600 ml fluid in 6 hours (and not in 8 hours)

So, Drops per minute = (3600 ml/ 360 min) x 10 = 100

Final answer : 3600 ml fluid.... to be given @ 100 drops per minute.

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