Monday, 5 May 2014

One liners

1. Cardiotoxic anticancer drug:
Adriamycin /  Doxorubicin, Donorubicin,  Cyclophosphamide,  5 - Fluorouracil
[Dilated Cardiomypathy is caused by.......:-
DoxoRubicin, DonoRubicin ---- (Rubi Dil le gayi)]
2. Digoxin is excreted Through which route (organ): Renal
3. Digitoxin is excreted mainly by which organ:Liver
4. DOC for PSVT:
1. Adenosine
2. Verapamil
5. Effect on calcium levels of Furosemide:Hypercalemia
6. DOC for motion sickness: Hyoscine (transdermal)[Hyoscine aka Scopolamine: 
also Prescribed to 'Prevent' nausea & vomiting caused by Motion Sickness & Vertigo.]
7. Commonest sife-effect of Cisapride is: Diarrhea
8. Common side-effect of Clofazimine: Red brown discoloration of skin
9. DOC for taenia: Praziquantel
10. Drug inhibiting DNA -dependent RNA polymerase in Mycobacteria is: Rifampicin
11. Common  side-effect of Cisplatin: Vomiting
12. Vitamin deficiency noticed with phenytoin use: Folic acid,Vitamin D, and some says vitamin K as well.
13. DOC for lithium induced Polyuria:  Amiloride
14. Concentration of Lidocaine used in Spinal anaesthesia: 5%
15. Local anaesthetic causing methemoglobinemia: Prilocaine
16. Longest acting local anaesthetic: Dibucaine
17. Anaesthetic agent with LEAST analgesic property: Halothane
18. Post spinal headache can last for: 7-10 days
19. Common site of post spinal headache: Occipital
20. Therapeutic index of a drug is an indicator of its: Safety 
21. Common side-effect of Captopril: Dry cough
22. Active metabolite of Enalapril: Enalaprilat
23. Which steroid can be administered by inhalation: Beclomethasone
24. Drug used for heparin induced thrombocytopenia: Argatroban, Lepirudin 
25. Estrogen acts on which receptors:  Cytoplasmic receptors
26. Mydriasis without cycloplegia: Phenyl-ephrine
27. Buprenorphine is: Partial agonist (mu) & antagonist (k) receptors
28. Drug for maintenance therapy for opioids withdrawl: Methadone 
29. DOC for diabetes inspidus: Desmopressin
30. MOA of minoxidil: Potassium Channel OPENER
31. Beta blocker with shortest plasma half-life: Esmolol
32. Pancreatitis is a common side effect of which anti-HIV: Didanosine
33. Anticancer Drug which causes pulmonary fibrosis: Busulfan, Bleomycin.
34. Drug which is used for treating brady-arrythmias: Atropine
35. MOA of Cholestyramine: Binds to bile acids
36. Antifungal which disrupts fungal cell membrane: Griseofulvin
37. Advantage of 3rd generation cephalosporins over 1st and 2nd generation cephalosporins is that they are: Effective against Gram Negative bacteria.
38. Fluoroquinolone banned in India: Gatifloxacin
39. Anti-malarial drug effective in pre-erythrocytic phase in liver is: Proguanil
40. Effect of chloroquine on eye: Bulls eye maculopathy
41. DOC for herpes simplex: Acyclovir
42. ACE inhibitors causes hyperkalemia so they should not be used with:
Potassium Sparing Diuretics
43. Anticoagulant of choice in pregnancy: Heparin
44. Antidote of heparin: Protamine sulphate
45. Profound Analgesia is related to which anaesthetic agent:  Ketamine
46. Best way to prevent hypotension during spinal anaesthesia:  Preloading with Crystalloids
47. Post spinal headache is due to:  CSF leak
48. Agent causing Malignant Hyperthermia: Succinylcholine.
[DOC for MH - Dantrolene]
49. Nerve fibre affected by Local anaesthesia first: Type C
50. Zero order kinetics at higher dose is seen with: Phenytoin
51. DOC for Scabies: 5% Permethrin ('Oral' DOC - Ivermectin)
52. Lithium monitoring is done because of:  Very low Therapeutic Index
53. MOA of pralidoxime: Cholinesterae enzyme reactivator
54. Drug used in BPH: Prazosin, Tamsulosin
55. DOC for Acute Migraine: Sumitriptan
56. Test for Myasthenia Gravis: Edrophonium Test
57. If Theophylline is used with Ciprofloxacin:  Toxicity of theophylline Increases
58. Steroid with equal Gluco-corticoid & mineralocorticoid activity: Hydrocortisone
59. Flumazenil is: Benzodiazepine Antagonist
60. Fomepizole is used in which poisoning: Methanol Poisoning.
61. MC side-effect of chronic use of Phenothiazines is: Tardive Dyskinesia
62. Side effect of Clozapine: Agranuocytosis
63. MOA of Clonidine:  Alpha2 Agonist  & Decreasing Central sympathetic outflow
64. MOA of Digoxin: Na K ATPase inhibition
65. DOC for meningitis due to listeria:  Ampicillin
66. Mode if metabolism of INH: Acetylation
67. Most common side effect of long term use of lithium: Hypothyroidism
68. DOC for MRSA infection: Vancomycin 69. ADH acts on which part of kidney:  Collecting Duct
70. Hemorrhagic Cystitis may be a side effect of: Cyclophosphamide (Rx. Of Hmg Cystitis: MESNA)
71. Metrifonate is used for: Schistosoma 
72. Anticholinergic drug used in peptic ulcer: Pirenzipine
73. Postural hypotension is commoner with which adrenergic blocker: Prazosin
74. Organ toxicity seen with bupivacaine: Cardiotoxicity.
75. LEAST cardiotoxic anaesthetic agent: Isoflurane
76. Dissociative anaesthesia is seen with: Ketamine
77. Sodium Thiopentone is Ultra-short acting due to: Rapid redistribution
78. Dipyradimole acts by inhibiting  PDE-5 79 Beta 1 agonist drug: Dobutamine
80. Beta1 selective adrenergic blocker which can be used as anti-glaucom: Betaxolol
81. Anti-adrenergic drug which crosses blood-brain-barrier minimally: Atenolol
82. Abacavir belongs to which group: NRTI
83. Prostaglandin analogue used in peptic ulcer: E1
84. Prostaglandin analogue used in glaucoma: F2alpha
85. Shortest acting neuromuscular blocking agent: Mivacurium
86. Anaethetic Drug which increase intracranial pressure: Ketamine
87. Anti-epileptic drug which acts by release of the inhibiting transmitter GABA:   Valproic Acid
88. Furosemide & thiazides have similar properties that they both are:  Well absorbed orally
89. MOA of ciprofloxacin: Inhibits DNA gyrase
90. DOC for WPW syndrome: Pracainamide/ Amiodarone
91. Anti-hypertensive which acts by producing NO Sodium: Nitroprusside
92. MOA of Dantrolene:  Sodium Acts on RyR1 receptors resulting in Decreased Calcium.
93. Interstitial nephritis is MC seen with which antibiotic: Methicillin
94. DOC for dermatitis herpetiformis:  Dapsone
95. Neuro-psychiatric symptoms can be seen with: Cycloserine
96. Oral contraceptive failure may be seen with: Rifampicin 
97. MC side-effect of 5-Fluoro-Uracil: Gastro-Intestinal toxicity
98.  MOA of omeprazole: H K ATPase inhibition
99. Prolonged use of steroids may cause: Decrease in bone matrix proteins
100. First drug to be used in anaphylactic shock: Adrenaline (Subcutaneous / IM )

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