Thursday, 3 April 2014


🍄Acree-rosenheim test- qualitative test for protein
🍄Aldehyde test-for indole(trytophan)
🍄Babcock's test-to determine amount milk fat
🍄Bender-gestalt test-a psychological test to measure one's ability to visually copy a set of geometric designs
🍄Benedict's test- to detect glucose in urine
🍄Bentiromide test- simple test of pancreatic exocrine function(bentiromide is cleaved by chymotrypsin)
🍄Benzidine test(adler's test)- test for blood&blood stains
🍄Biuret test- for determination of peptide bonds
🍄Bromosulphthalein test-for liver function
🍄Cyanide-nitroprusside test- for homocystinuria
🍄Exton-Rose test- a type of glucose tolerance test
🍄Feulgen's test- for the presence of DNA in tissue sections
🍄Fouchet's/Gmelin's test-for bilirubin in urine
🍄Gerhardt's test- for ketone bodies n urine
🍄Guthrie test-screening test for PKU
🍄Ferric chloride test- for PKU
🍄Hollander's test(insulin)- for intact nerve fibres after vagotomy for peptic ulcer
🍄Liebermann-burchard reaction-for cholesterol
🍄Millon's test-for phenol(tyrosine)
🍄Molisch's test- a color test for sugar
🍄Ninhydrin test- for alpha amino group
🍄Nitroprusside test-sulfhydryl test(cysteine)
🍄Pauly's test- Imidazole(histidine)
🍄Rothera's test- ketone bodies
🍄Sakaguchi's test- for guanidium(arginine)
🍄Schilling's test- vitamin B12 deficiency
🍄Selivanoff's test- for fructose in urine
🍄Sulphur test- sulfhydryl test(cysteine)
🍄Xanthoproteic test-for benzene ring
🍄Zwenger's test- cholesterol

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