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MDG 2015
Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger,
Achieving universal primary education,
Promoting gender equality and empowering women,
Reducing child mortality rates,
Improving maternal health,
Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases,
Ensuring environmental sustainability, and
Developing a global partnership for development.
Human Development Index Components (KILL):
K - knowledge (Mean yr of schooling)
I - Income
L - Life expectancy at Birth
L - Literacy Rate

Physical Quality of life (PQLI)  components (PILL) :
I - Infant Mortality Rate
L -  Literacy Rate
L - Life expectancy at 1 year
kuppuswami(a e i o u)middle 3

1)Neonatal tetanus eliminated when incidence – is Less than 0.1/1000
2)Contribution of employer in ESIS – 4.75%
3)Clorination of water criteria – Clear water
4)Rat flea – Endemic typhus
5)Not transmitted by mosquito –Kala azar
6)Epidemiological investigation of choce for kala azar - ELISA / Montenegro test/ Aldehyde test/??
7)Natural mosquito control agent – Pyrethrum
8)reading of abraded skin by dog – Class 2 – So Vaccine only
9)Sullivan's index-life free of disability
10)Entry of pathogen & maximum infectivity-Generation time
11)Definitive diagnosis of leprosy – skin smear
12)Antigenic shift is in – influenza
13)True of carrier in typhoid – urinary carrier with anomaly
14)Shortest incubation period in food poisioning – Staph aureus
15)Chandler's index – ankylostoma duodenle
16)Drakunculosis transmitted by – Drinking Contaminated water
17)Multibacillary Leprosy is followed upto – 5 Years
18)The concept of Female Health guide was given by – Kartar Singh
19)Socrate's method of health education is by – ?Didactic method/Group discussion
20)Best guide of iron defiency – Serum ferritin
21)Different communities best compared by – Age specific death rate
22)Burden of disease formula – (Positives/Tested)*Population
23)Comfortable temp range – 77-80F
24)Mother to be labelled high risk
– Ht less than 140cm
25)Efficiency of Malaria
elimination program is evaluated
using – ABER
26)Prophylaxis to maniac person not on medication coming to bihar ? ans : mefloquine.
27)Percentage of para para in DDT-- 70-80%
28)Corpulence index used in – Obesity
29)Correct statement – ans-Population density 324/sq km /
TFR- 6/ growth ratio – 2.2/

1.rural posting necessary by which committe?/ it's 3month training in psm
Given by Bhore
2.multi prurpose worker initiated by which committe?
3.urban slum development by which committe?
4.setting up of universities for studies which committe?
5.committe started to prevent spread of malaria?
6.jungle wala committe proposed what?
No private practice fir doctors
7.womb to tomb care given bywhich committee?
8.delinking of malaria by which committe
9.village health guide concept by which committe
10.phc not to serve mire than 40000by which committe?Mudaliar

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