Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Santorini's cartilage: The corniculate cartilage of the larynx.
Santorini's concha: The superior nasal concha (turbinate).
Duct of Santorini: An accessory duct of the pancreas.
Santorini's fissures: Vertical fissures in the anterior part of the cartilage of the external acoustic meatus (ear canal).
Santorini's minor caruncle: Location of the opening of the accessory pancreatic duct into the duodenum.
Santorini's muscle: Bundle of muscular fibers that draw the angle of the mouth laterally. Sometimes called the Albinus muscle; named after German anatomist Bernhard Siegfried Albinus (1697–1770).
Santorini's vein: Vein which passes through the parietal foramen and links the superior sagittal sinus with veins of the scalp.
Santorini's plexus: plexsus of veins found in the cave of retzius.

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