Wednesday, 2 April 2014


10 questions from protein metabolism:
1. beer baby disease is due to malabsorption of?
2. which a.a in formation of NO?
3.cyanide nitroprusside test gives magenta colour in?
4.type 2 tyrosinemia is the deficiency of?
5.deficiency of aspartoacylase is known as?
6.obermeyer test is diagnostic for? diaper syndrome is due to malabsorption of?
8.FIGLU is seen in the metabolism of?
9.Nitisinone is used in the treatment of?
10. HHH syndrome is due to deficiency of?
1. Methionine
2. L- arginine
3. Homocystinuria
4. Tyrosine transaminase
5.Canavan syndrome
6. Hartnup disease
8. Histidine
9. Alkaptonuria
10. Ornithine transporter/ translocase

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