Tuesday, 16 June 2015

One liners

“Thumbprint sign is seen in ischaemic colitis”
“Mercedes Benz sign is sign is seen in radiopaque gall stones”
“Double bubble sign s seen in duodenal atresia single in pyloric and multiple bubble sign is seen in ileal`jejanal atresia”
“Driven snow sign is seen in pindborgs tumor”
“Flower vase sign is seen in Horse shoe kidney”
“Vertebra plana s seen in eosinophillic granuloma”
“Rat tail oesophagus s seen in oesophagal carcinoma”
“Cork screw oesopgagus is seen in diffuse oesophagal spasm”
“Thimble bladder is seen in tb bladder”
“Sand patches in bladder are seen in schistosomiasis”
“Chain of lakes is seen in chronic pancreatitis”
“Golfhole ureter is seen in tb ureter”
“Soap bubble app is seen in osteoclastoma”
“Snowmans sign is seen in TAPVC”
“Boot shaped heart is seen in TOF”
“Tram track calcification is seen in sturge weber syndrome”
“Bilateral spider leg appearance is seen in polycystic kidneys”
“Air bronchograms are seen in consolidation”
“String of kantor is seen in crohns disease”
“Apple core sign is seen in left colon cancer”
“Snow storm appearance is seen in hydatiform mole”
“Camaleotes sign is seen in hydatid disease of liver”
“Colon cutt off sign is seen in acute pancreatitis”
“Saw tooth sign is seen in diverticulosis”
“Egg in cup appearance is seen in renal papillary necrosis”
“Codmans traingle and sunray app is seen in osteosarcoma”
“Coffee bean sign is seen in sigmoid volvulus”
“Bamboo shaped spine in ankylosing spondylitis”
“Salt and pepper skull in hyperparathyroidism”
“Strawberry gingiva is seen in wagners granulomatosis”
“Strawberry tounge is seen in scarlet fever,toxic shock syndrome and kawasakis disease"
“Strawberry cervix is seen in trachomoniasis”
“Strawberry nose is seen in rhinosporidosis”
“Strawberry skin and nasal mucosa is seen in sarcoidosis”
“Calots triangle is made superiorly by inferior border of liver,medially by common hepatic duct and inferiorly by cystic duct”
“Contents of calots triangle are lymph node of lund,right hepatic artery,cystic artery"
“Billing method of contraception is a behavioural method”
“Hasses rule is used for calculation of gestational age based on length of fetus”
“Hellens rule says twins as
1 in 80,2 in (80*80),3 in (80*80*80)
“In Mayer Rokintansky kuster Hausers syndrome ovary is normal bcos it develops from genital ridge”
“Most common cause of perinatal death in multi fetal pregnancy is prematurity”
“Most common cause of maternal death in india is hemorrhage>anemia>sepsis”
“Intersitial ectopic pregnancy ruptures later bcos of closer endometrial suppourt”
“Progesterone is common harmone in both Arias stella and decidual reaction”
“Pentoxifyline has proved to b best for treating hepatorenal syndrome”
“Amoebic ulcers are flask shaped”
“Typhoid ulcers are longitudinal”
“Tubercular ulcers are tranverse”
“Tubercular enteritis cause strictures of gut”
“Dementia is a late feature of whipples disease but bad prognostic feature”
“Ito cells containg vitamin A are present in space of disse”
“Most common site of gastrinoma is duodeneu
m psaros triangle”
“D xylose test is used to mak difference between malabsorption due to intestine and pancreas”
“D xylose will b negative in pancreatic malabsorption,malnutrition,gastrectomy”
“D xylose wl b false positive in ascites,pleural effusion,blind loop syn,renal failure”
“Alpha feto protein in normal in hepatolammelar tumour of liver but increased in h

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