Tuesday, 29 April 2014


1. Cystic Swelling of vulva- Bartholin’s cyst
2. Gestational trophoblastic disease following hydatiform mole- Invasive mole
3. Gestational trophoblastic disease- Hydatiform mole
4. Cause of post menopausal bleeding in India – Carcinoma Cervix
5. Cause of post menopausal bleeding in western country- Carcinoma endometrium
6. Agent responsible for carcinoma cervix- Squamous cell carcinoma- HPV-16
7. Agent responsible for carcinoma cervix- Adeno carcinoma- HPV-18
8. Agent responsible for carcinoma cervix- Over all – HPV-16
9. Ovarian cyst to undergo torsion- Benign cystic teratoma
10. Mullerian Anamoly is- Bicornuate uterus
11. Malignant germ cell tumor of ovary- Dysgerminoma
12. Cause of 1ST trimester abortion- Chromosomal abnormality
13. Cause of mid trimester abortion – Cervical incompetence
14. Cause of female pseudohermaphroditism- Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
15. Cause of hirsutism- PCOD
16. Genital prolapsed- Cystocoele
17. Cause of primary amenorrhoea- Gonadal dysgenesis > ROKYTANSKY KUSTER HOUSER
18. Cause of death in Carcinoma cervix- Renal Failure
19. Symptom/sign of PCOD- Hirsutism
20. Cause of precocious puberty- Constitutional
21. Site of metastasis of choriocarcinoma- Lungs
22. Site of genital TB- Fallopian tube
23. Cause of polyhydramnios- Anencephaly
24. Cause of ectopic Pregnancy- PID (salpingitis)
25. Type of pelvis associated with direct occipito posterior position- Anthropoid
26. Type of pelvis associated with face to pubis- Anthropoid
27. Type of pelvis associated with deep transverse arrest- Anthroid
28. Complication of ovarian tumor- Torsion
29. Complication of cryotherapy- Watery discharge
30. Indication of IVF- Tubal factor
31. Cardiac lesion in pregnancy- Mitral Stenosis
32. Congenital cardiac lesion in pregnancy- ASD
33. Mutation in ovarian cancer- P53
34. Malignant tumor of ovary- Serous cysadenocarcinoma
35. Cause of Asherman’s syndrome- D&C for PPH
36. Cause of DIC in pregnancy- Abruptio Placenta
37. Primary Brain Neoplasm in pregnancy- Gliomas

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