Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Congenital TB

Infection with tubercle bacilli either during intrauterine life or before complete passage through birth canal is termed as congenital tuberculosis.
Three possible modes of infection of fetus:-
1) Hematogenous infection via umbilical vein
2) fetal aspiration of infected amniotic fluid
3) fetal ingestion of infected amniotic fluid
Most common primary site ----- LIVER ( primary complex in liver is suggestive of congenital TB)
Most common site --- LUNG
prognosis is poor
Revised criteria for diagnosis of congenital tuberculosis ( by Cantwell ) :-
Proven tuberculosis lesions in the infant plus one of the following:
i. Lesions occurring in the first week of life,
ii. A primary hepatic complex
iii. Maternal genital tract or placental tuberculosis, and
iv. Exclusion of postnatal transmission by thorough investigation of contacts

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