Monday, 24 March 2014

quetiapine-constipation somnolescence wt gain
head halter traction& crutchfield traction for cervical spine injuries
Daily requirement of iron in??? male-1mg

2.menstruating female-2mg

3.pregnant female-3 to 5mg
Active forms of vit b12??
deoxyadenosyl cobalamin
methyl cobalamin
Only vegetable source of vit b12-soyabeans
Carvallo’s murmur : pan systolic murmur of AV valve regurgitation (mitral and tricuspid)
Ritan's murmur : Complete heart block
Docks murmur: diastolic murmur in lad stenosis
Combined immunodeficiency mnemonic:
🔸Wiskot Aldrich
🔸Ataxia telangiectasia
🔸Nezelof syndrome
B cell defects:
🔸X.linked agammaglobulinemia or Brutons dis
🔸Common variable immunodef
🔸Selective Ig def
T.cell def:
🔸Ch. Mucocutaneous Candidiasis
Edwardsiella tarda is a member of the Enterobacteriaceae family. The bacterium is a facultatively anaerobic, small, motile, gram negative, straight rod with flagella.Infection causes Edwardsiella septicemia (also known as ES, edwardsiellosis, emphysematous putrefactive disease of catfish, fish gangrene, and red disease) in channel fish, eels, and flounder.
Edwards syndrome (also known as Trisomy 18 [T18]) is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 18th chromosome. This genetic condition almost always results from nondisjunction during meiosis.
💥Dancing carotids - AR
💥Dancing eyes & dancing feet - neuroblastoma
💥Saint vitus dance - sydenham chorea
💥Dance sign - intussusception
💥Hilar dance-asd
💥St.vitus aka dancing mania or dancing plague
The Dancing Plague (or Dance Epidemic) of 1518 was a case of dancing mania that occurred in Strasbourg, Alsace (then part of the Holy Roman Empire) in July 1518. Numerous people took to dancing for days without rest, and, over the period of about one month, some of those affected died of heart attack, stroke, or exhaustion.

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