Monday, 24 March 2014


Ophthal points. .

OPHTHAL  ....
💥size of the disc 1.5mm
💥size of macula :5mm
💥thinnest part of retina : ora serrata:  .1mm
💥capacity of orbit:30cc
💥length of optic nerve: 3.5-5.5cm..mark 5cm in all india
💥axial length: 24mm by A scan
💥depth Ob AC: 2.4mm
💥infant is hypermetropic: +2.5to+3D
💥axial length at birth:17mm
💥 total power of eye/ reduced eye: 58to60D
💥lens: 16-17D
       Cornea: 45to50 D
💥 RI  of cornea: 1.37,
        lens: 1.39, max at centre of lens1.4to1.41
💥direct ophthamoscopy :magnification 15times , 2DISC DIAMETERS seen at a time , virtual erect image , central retina seen
💥indirect : image magnified 5times,8 disc diameters seen at a.time , real.inverted image ,.peripheral retina.seen
💥diameter of lens: 9-10mm
       <9mm: microphakia
💥diameter of cornea: 11-11.75mm
       Megalocornea: >13mm, microcornea:<10mm
💥distant direct ophthalmoscopy: done @25cm

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