Tuesday, 11 February 2014


✒Johann weyer-father of psychiatry
✒Gockel-coined psychology
✒Leo kanner-childhood autistic disorder
✒Carl gustav jung-introvert n extrovert-analytical psychology
✒Jean piget-childhood devlpmt&milestones
✒Johann christiam reil- coined psychiatry
✒Alfred adler-sup&inf complexes
✒Jones maxwell-alcoholics anonymous
✒Hecker ewald-1st described heb scz
✒Hippocrates-father of medicine
✒Emil kraeplin-father of modern psychiatry,Scz,MDP,alzheimers
✒Peirre janet-psychasthenia
✒Eugene bleuler-dementia precox
✒Pavlov-classical condtng
✒Skinner-founder of operant condtng
✒Kahlbaum karl-catatonic scz,cyclothymia
✒Anna freud-ego n mechanisms of defence except repression regression sublimatn
✒Carl koller-cocaine
✒Cohen-poetically described datura poisoning
SIGMUND FREUD-free associatn, electra edipus complexes, psychoanalysis, pleasure&reality principle,ego defence mechanisms-rep reg sub,interpretation of dreams
✒Franz alexander-father of psychosomatic meds
✒George miller-neurasthenia
✒Alfred binet-intelligence scale
✒James braid-hypnosis
✒William cullen-coined neurosis
✒Ernst von-coined psychosis
✒Erik erikson-stages of life
✒Beck-cognitive theory
✒William osler-modern medicine
✒Leo kanner-oprerant cntng-reinforcement&punishment

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