Friday, 28 February 2014

Microbiology Mnemonics

Urease positive organisms
P roteus (leads to alkaline urine)
U reaplasma (renal calculi)
N ocardia
C ryptoccocus (the fungus)
H elicobacter pylori

Listeria: motility
Istanbul sounds like Listambul = list + tumble .
Listeria has tumbling motility.

Staphylococci: novobiocin test to distinguish
coagulase negative staphylococci
Staph epi dermidis stays away from the
novobiocin disc like an epi demic.
· Therefore, epidermidis is sensitive to novobiocin.
Staph saprophyticus, much friendlier, comes up to the disc and says, " 'sap? '" [short for "whassup?", ie "what's up"].
· Therefore, saprophyticus is novobiocin resistant.

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