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IPC Section

-Important IPC sections from forensic

44. Injury
82. Act of a child under seven years of age
83. Act of a child above seven and under twelve of immature understanding
84. Act of a person of unsound mind
85. Act of a person incapable of judgment by reason of intoxication caused against his will
86. Offence requiring a particular intent of knowledge committed by one who is intoxicated

87. Act not intended and not known to be likely to cause death or grievous hurt, done by consent 
88. Act not intended to cause death, done by consent in good faith for person's benefit
89. Act done in good faith for benefit of child or insane person, by or by consent of guardian
90. Consent known to be given under fear or misconception
91. Exclusion of acts which are offences independently of harm caused
92. Act done in good faith for benefit of a person without consent
191. Giving false evidence (Perjury)
192. Fabricating false evidence
193. Punishment for false evidence (Perjury)
194. Giving or fabricating false evidence with intent to procure conviction of capital offence
195. Giving or fabricating false evidence with intent to procure conviction of offence punishable with
imprisonment for life or imprisonment 
196. Using evidence known to be false
197. Issuing or signing false certificate
198. Using as true a certificate known to be false
199. False statement made in declaration which is by law receivable as evidence
200. Using as true such declaration knowing it to be false
201. Causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender
202. Intentional omission to give information of offence by person bound to inform- The doctor knowing
or having the reason to believe that an offence has been committed by a patient whom he is treating,
intentionally omits to inform the police, shall be punished with imprisonment upto 6 months.
203. Giving false information respecting an offence committed
204. Destruction of document or electronic record to prevent its production as evidence
299. Culpable homicide, definition.
300. Murder, definition
302. Punishment for murder
304. Punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder
304A. Causing death by negligence,punishment upto 2 years.
304B. Dowry death, punishment upto 7 years.
305. Abetment of suicide of child or insane person
306. Abetment of suicide
307. Attempt to murder
308. Attempt to commit culpable homicide
309. Attempt to commit suicide

312. Causing miscarriage
313. Causing miscarriage without woman's consent
314. Death caused by act done with intent to cause miscarriage-
315. Act done with intent to prevent child being born alive or to cause it to die after birth
316. Causing death of quick unborn child by act amounting to culpable homicide
317. Exposure and abandonment of child under twelve years, by parent or person having care of it.
318. Concealment of birth by secret disposal of dead body.
319. Hurt.
320. Grievous hurt.
321. Voluntarily causing hurt.
322. Voluntarily causing grievous hurt.
323. Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt
324. Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means 
325. Punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt
326. Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means
328. Causing hurt by means of poison, etc. with intent to commit an offence
330. Voluntarily causing HURT to extort confession, or to compel restoration of property is punishable
for imprisonment upto SEVEN YEARS
331. Voluntarily causing GRIEVOUS HURT to extort confession, or to compel restoration of property
punishable for imprisonment upto TEN YEARS
339. Wrongful restraint
340. Wrongful confinement.
341. Punishment for wrongful restraint
342. Punishment for wrongful Confinement
343. Wrongful confinement for three or more days
344. Wrongful confinement for ten or more days
345. Wrongful confinement of person for whose liberation writ has been issued
346. Wrongful confinement in secret
347. Wrongful confinement to extort property, or constrain to illegal act
348. Wrongful confinement to extort confession, or compel restoration of property
351. Assault
352. Punishment for assault or criminal force otherwise than on grave provocation
353. Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty
354. Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty
355. Assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour person, otherwise than on grave provocation
356. Assault or criminal force in attempt to commit theft of property carried by a person
357. Assault or criminal force in attempt wrongfully to confine a person
358. Assault or criminal force on grave provocation
359. Kidnapping
360. Kidnapping from India
361. Kidnapping from lawful guardianship
362. Abduction
363. Punishment for kidnapping
363A. Kidnapping or maiming a minor for purposes of begging
364. Kidnapping or abducting in order to murder
364A. Kidnapping for ransom, etc.
365. Kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person
366. Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage,etc.
366A. Procreation of minor girl 
366B. Importation of girl from foreign country
367. Kidnapping or abducting in order to subject person to grievous hurt, slavery, etc.
368. Wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement, kidnapped or abducted person
369. Kidnapping or abducting child under ten years with intent to steal from its person
372. Selling minor for purposes of prostitution, etc.
373. Buying minor for purposes of prostitution, etc.
374. Unlawful compulsory labour
375. Rape
376. Punishment for rape
376A. Intercourse by a man with his wife during separation
376B. Intercourse by public servant with woman is his custody
376C. Intercourse by superintendent of jail, remand home, etc.
376D. Intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital with any woman in that
377. Unnatural offences
493. Cohabitation caused by a man deceitfully inducing a belief of lawful marriage
494. Marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife
495. Same offence with concealment of former marriage from person with whom subsequent marriage is
496. Marriage ceremony fraudulently gone through without lawful marriage
497. Adultery
498. Enticing or taking away or detaining with criminal intent a married woman
498A. Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty
509. Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman
510. Misconduct in public by a drunken person

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