Thursday, 27 February 2014


Types of flaps:
Random flap - flap based on an unknown
vessel. Ex: Rhomboid flap, VY flap
Axial flap - flap rotated on a known blood
vessel. Examples: Delto-pectoral flap - based
on the perforators of internal mammary
vessels. LD flap - based on the thoracodorsal
vessels. PMMC flap - based on the pectoral
branch of thoracoacromial artery. TRAM flap -
based on the superior or inferior epigastric
artery. Abbey estlander flap - based on the
labial artery. Forehead flap - based on the
superficial temporal artery.
Free flap - flap based on a known vessel,
disconnected from the donor site and
anastomosed to the recipient vessel. Ex: DIEP
flap - based on the deep inferior epigastric
artery perforator (used for breast
reconstruction). Fibular flap - based on the
peroneal vessels (used for mandibular
Delto-pectoral flap is the most commonly used
flap used by head and neck surgeons!

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