Wednesday, 12 February 2014


💥Ect files💥

Effective non dom side
Produces gtcs fr 25-30sec
Pathway bet diencephalon n limbic systm
Dose- 110volt fr 0.6 sec
1600 ma curent
Modified ect-retrogde amnesia vth recvry in 6-9 mnth>anterograde amnesia resolve in 5 hrs
Direct ect-headache bodyache cmn fb incr ict n decr iot n t4 to t8 thoracic spine#;humerus n femur#
Not effct in chrnic schizo

Contrain in
Absol in raised ict eg brain tumour
Relatve r recent mi, sevre htn n pulm ds, pheochromo
cva n retinal detachment

Major dep with suicidal stupor melanchil
Sevr fucn catatonia schizo
postpartum or sevre psychosis
delusional depression

ect incr productn of brain derv neurotropic factor bdnf cause new neuron genrn in hippocampus

🌞useful in depresve phase of mdp shorten duratn of depr episode

ect discovrd by cerletti n bini in 1938
modifid ect durng anesthsia

nonpsy indicn fr ect
parkinson ds vth rigidity n bradykinesia
intractable seizures
neuroleptic malig syndrome

💥bi/ thrice weekly
💥6-12 deprsion
💥1-4 delrium n catatonia
💥8-20 fr mania n schizophrnia
al the best frnz

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