Monday, 10 February 2014


BHORE COMMITTEE. 1946.- Health
survey and development committee.
short term- set up one PHC for every
40000 with 2 doc, 1 nurse and 4
public nurse and 2 sanitory
inspectors and secondary centres.
Long term- Set up primary health
units with 65 bedded hospital for
Major changes in medical education
which includes 3 - month training in
preventive and social medicine to
prepare “social physicians”.
Health survey and Planning
commitee. Strenghten present PHC
and divisional and sub-divisional
hospital. Create All India health
committee was appointed under
chairmanship of Dr. M.S. Chadah,
the then Director General of Health
Services, to advise about the
necessary arrangements for the
phase of National Malaria
Eradication Programme. The
committee suggested that the
vigilance activity in the NMEP should
be carried out by basic health
workers (one per 10,000 population),
who would function as multipurpose
workers and would perform, in
addition to malaria work, the duties
of family planning and vital statistics
data collection under supervision of
family planning health assistants.
recommendations of the Chadah
Committee, when implemented, were
found to be impracticable because
the basic health workers, with their
multiple functions cound do justice
neither to malaria work nor to family
planning work.
The Mukherjee committee headed by
the then Secretary of Health Shri
Mukherjee, was appointed to review
the performance in the area of
family planning. The committee
recommended separate staff for the
family planning programme.
The family planning assistants were
to undertake family planning duties
only. The basic health workers were
to be utilised for purposes other
than family planning. The committee
also recommended to delink the
malaria activities
from family planning so that the
latter would received undivided
attention of its staff.
Multiple activities of the mass
programmes like family planning,
small pox, leprosy, trachoma, NMEP
(maintenance phase), etc. were
making it difficult for the states to
undertake these effectively because
of shortage of funds.
A committee of state health
secretaries, headed by the Union
Health Secretary, Shri Mukherjee,
was set up to look into this problem.
The committee worked out the
details of the Basic Health Service
which should be provided at the
Block level,
and some consequential
strengthening required at higher
levels of administration.

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