Monday, 10 February 2014

Behcet Disease

Behcets :Remember 5
HLA DR5/B5 systemic vasculitis
5 major -
Oral ulcers(major minor and herpetiform thrice a year,heal without scars)the pat invariably shpuld have this
Genital ulcers ( heal with scars,donot involve urethra and glans)
Skin-Erythema nodosum n acne;pseudofolliculitis
Pathergy test
Eye- Recurrent b/l hypopyon;post uveitis;retinal vasculitis

Systemic 5 -
Pulmonary vein thrombosis
Dural vein thrombosis
Crohns like inflamm of git mucosa
Arthritis non erosive migratory sero negative
Rx: steroids

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