Thursday, 6 February 2014

Arias stella reaction

Arias stella reaction is characterized by –
1. Adenomatous change of the endometrial glands
2. Intraluminal budding
3. The reaction is seen in ectopic pregnancy (10-15% cases) and indicate blighting of conceptus either Intra or extra uterine
4. Occurs under the influence of the progesterone
Decidual reaction :
1. Due to the hormonal effect of ectopic pregnancy , the endometrium hypertrophies
2. The deciduas has all characteristics of intra-uterine pregnancy except the chorionic villi
3. This decidual reaction is due to the influence of – estrogen, progesterone, and HCG

Hormone responsible for decidual reaction and Arias stella reaction in ectopic pregnancy is (AIIMS) Options:
(1 ) Oestrogen
(2 ) Progesterone ✅
(3 ) HCG
(4 ) HPL

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