Monday, 10 February 2014

🔹376 A:: punishment for causing death or resulting in
persistent vegetative state of victim. (min 12 yrs max
life imprisonment or death)
🔹376 B ::sexual intercourse by husband upon his wife
during separation (min 2yrs max 7yrs punishment)
🔹376 C:: sexual intercourse by a person in authority
like public servant,management of hospital (min 5yrs
max 10 yrs)
🔹376 D:: GANG RAPE (min 20 yrs max life or death
🔹376 E:: Punishment for repeat offenders life
imprisonment or death sentence
🔹354 A:: sexual harassment
🔹354 B:: assault or use of criminal force to women
with intent to disrobe
(min 3yrs max 7yrs punishment)
🔹354 C:: peeping tom or voyeurism
(min 3yrs max 7yrs)
🔹354 D:: stalking
(1st time 3yrs 2nd time upto 7yrs)
upcoming aiims questions
🔹326 A:: voluntary causing grievous hurt by using acid
(min 10yrs max life imprisonment)
🔹326 B:: voluntary throwing or attempting to throw
acid (min 5yrs max 7yrs)

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