Friday, 17 January 2014


  1. Syphilis Hutchison triad : 
    1. Hutchison teeth, 
    2. interstitial keratitis, 
    3. sensoryneural hearing loss
  2. Mulberry molar
  3. Clutton joints 
  4. Saber shin 
  5. Saddle nose 
  6. Bull dog jaw
  7. Salt and pepper fundus 
  8. Follman balanitis 
  9. Moth eaten alopecia
  10. Parrot nodes-mediastinal nodes
  11. Cross bun appearance of skull
  12. Snuffles-syphilitic rhinitis
  13. Rhagades-linear scars at the angle of mouth d/t bacterial infections
  14. Higoumenakis sign-enlarged sternal end of clavicle
  15. pseudoparalysis
  16. Kassowitz’s law - the greater the duration between the infection of the mother and pregnancy, the better is the outcome for the infant. Features of a better outcome include less chance of stillbirth and of developing congenital syphilis
  17. bullous skin lesions-pemphigus syphiliticus
  18. Profeta law-fetus may be normal at the time of birth but develops signs of syphilis in few weeks/months
  19. Colle's law-syphilitic infant infects others but not its own mother
  20. Worm eaten skull-gummatous periosteitis of skull
  21. Olympian brow-supraorbital thickening

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