Monday, 20 January 2014


Swallowing--Prior to the following stages of the oral phase, the mandible depresses and the lips abduct to allow food or liquid to enter the oral cavity. Upon entering the oral cavity, the mandible elevates and the lips adduct to assist in oral containment of the food and liquid.
• Swallowing is a complex motor activity that is organized by a network of swallowing-related neurons which form the central swallowing pattern
generator located in the medulla oblongata
Swallowing motoneurons and preganglionic neurons are localized within the trigeminal (V), facial(VII), and hypoglossal (XII) motor nuclei, the nucleus ambiguus (IX, X), and the dorsal motor nucleus (DMX) of the vagus (X) and at the cervical spinal level between C1 and C3

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