Friday, 3 January 2014

Special visceral efferent:

Special visceral efferent:

These nuclei supply striated muscle derived from the branchial arches.

i. The motor nucleus of the trigeminal nerve lies in the upper part of the pons. Itsupplies the muscles of mastication through the mandibular nerve

2. The nucleus of the faciai nerve lies in the lower part of the pons. It supplies the various musclesinnervated by the facial nerve.

3. The nucleus ambiguus lies in the medulla. It forms an elongated column lying in both the open and closed parts of the medulla. It supplies:

(a) The stylopharyngeus muscle through theglossopharyngeal nerve: and
(b) the muscles of the pharynx, the soft palate and the larynx through the vagus and the cranial part of the accessory nerve

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