Friday, 10 January 2014

Sleep EEG

Those who find sleep EEG difficult to effort to make it easy for all:- 
1. Alpha - A for Awake with eyes closed @ POST(PO = parieto occipital) (ST= subconscious thinking)
8- 13 hz

2. Beta - B for block alpha and return to attention @ frontal CT (frontal lobe) (CT= conscious thinking) 13-30hz ( B looks like 13)

3. Theta - T for transition to sleep (NREM 1).(cortical in humans) 4-7hz (T looks like 7).slow eye movements

4. Stage 2 NREM:- sleep spindle and K complexes .no eye movements.

5. Delta - D for deep sleep (NREM 3 n 4) .no eye movements. 3 - 5 hz( 3hz in stage 3).slow waves.

6. REM sleep- reapearance of beta waves f/b alpha waves . rapid eye movement with autonomic activity, nocturnal penile tumesence and generalized muscular atony. (REM - 20-30% of sleep--- we see horses/mares in dreams - nightmares.Also narcolepsy with cataplexy, sleep paralysis n hypnagogic hallucinations) NREM- 60-70% of sleep- all other sleep disorders) this is all we need to know from exam point of view.

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