Thursday, 23 January 2014

Renal Trauma

Grading of renal trauma :-

Classified according to the Organ Injury Scaling (OIS) Committee Scale :-

Minor grades

Grade 1-

Contusion-Microscopic or gross haematuria,  Urological studies normal

Haematoma-Subcapsular, nonexapnding without parenchymal laceration.

Grade II

Haematoma-Nonexapnding perirenal haematoma confined to renal retroperitoneum.

<1cm parenchymal depth of renal cortex without urinary extravasation.

Major grades

Grade 3 -

>1cm depth of renal cortex, without  collecting system rupture or urinary extravasation

Grade IV -

Laceration-Parenchymal laceration extending through the renal cortex, medulla and collecting system.

Vascular -
Main renal artery or vein injury with  contained haemorrhage.

Grade 5-

Completely shattered kidney.

Vascular -
Avulsion of renal hilum which devascularizes kidney.

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