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Arcuate fasciculus connects broca to werni
Donath landesteiner fr paroxymsl cold hemoglobinuria
Intestine can absorb glucose maximally? (mg/hr)
A) 120
B) 140
Intstine absorb 120
dpt vaccine..persistant cry is due to severe persistant pain.. Pain is mostly due to drug component
cholelithiasis is caused by clofibrate/chloramphenicol/cotrimaxozole
photosensutivity d/t streptomycin/demeclocycline/cindamycin..
ans 1clofib,2,demeclo
Nerve grlwth facter is neurotrophin
Methotraxate toxicity treated by folinic acid
The Asboe-Hansen sign (also known as "indirect Nikolsky sign" or "Nikolsky II sign") refers to the extension of a blister to adjacent unblistered skin when pressure is put on the top of the bulla.
The distal part of the ACL is vascularized by branches of the inferior geniculate artery
The major blood supply of the ACL arises from the middle geniculate artery. The distal part of the ACL is vascularized by branches of the inferior geniculate
Chandipura virus is a member of the Rhabdoviridae family that is
associated with an encephalitic illness in humans.
Chandipura virus has been isolated from sandflies in India and West Africa and is probably spread through its bite
in Rajasthan, was India's last reported case of guinea worm disease in July 1996
Trautmann's triangle is defined as the area limited by the anterior border of the sigmoid sinus posteriorly, the petrous ridge superiorly, and a line connecting the jugular bulb to the petrous apex anteriorly. Its size is important for transpetrosal approaches and variants
Pontiac fever is an acute, non-fatal respiratory disease caused by various species of gram negative bacteria in the genus Legionella. It causes a mild upper respiratory infection that resembles acute influenza. The infectious process is known commonly as legionellosis. It can induce pneumonia and is known to often have spontaneous resolution often goes undiagnosed
Bullous keratopathy is a pathological condition in which small vesicles, or bullae, are formed in the cornea due to endothelial dysfunction.
According to the US National Marfan Foundation, in 2010 the Ghent Nosology was revised, and new diagnostic criteria superseded the previous agreement made in 1996. The seven new criteria can lead to a diagnosis:

In the absence of a family history of MFS:
1. Aortic root Z-score ≥ 2 AND ectopia lentis
2. Aortic root Z-score ≥ 2 AND an FBN1 mutation
3. Aortic root Z-score ≥ 2 AND a systemic score* > 7 points
4. Ectopia lentis AND an FBN1 mutation with known aortic pathology

In the presence of a family history of MFS (as defined above):
1. Ectopia lentis
2. Systemic score* ≥ 7
3. Aortic root Z-score ≥ 2
Tb upper lobe focus??
Holman miller sign ca nasopharynx
Ground glass is hep b
Banana shaped app of heart
Harmones relaxing pelvis during pregnacy??
Relaxin n Progesterone
Active human immunodeficiency virus protease is required for viral infectivity
The Medulla, Pons and Midbrain areas receive their major sources of blood. supply from several important branches of the Basilar artery.
how many mites in scabies?
Widening epiphysis in rickets
Apple jelly nodule-lupus vulgaris
Not given in glucoma latanoprost
Fol fox regime colorectal carcinoma
Nasopharyngeal cancer is relatively rare and accounts for about 2 percent of all head and neck cancers in the United States.
Long-term beta-blocker therapy improves diastolic function even without the therapeutic effect on systolic function in patients with reduced ejection fraction.
ketamine with midazolam offers a safe and effective means of anaesthesia at very high altitude, without the need for specialist equipment or training, by careful clinicians experienced in basic airway management

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