Saturday, 25 January 2014

Organisms and disease caused by them :-

Lyme disease - borrelia burgdorferi

Pontiac fever - legionella pneumophilia

Three day fever / exanthema subitum / roseola infantum - HHV 6 & 7

Erythema infectiosum/ fifth disease/ aplastic crises in SCD / hydrops foetalis in pregnant women - parvovirus B19

Weil's disease - leptospira interrogans

Fitz- Hugh Curtis syndrome / perihepatitis with violin string adhesions -N. gonorrhoea and C. Trachomatis

Five day fever / trench fever - bartonella Quintana

Cat scratch disease - bartonella henselae and afipia felis

Oroya fever / carrion's disease - bartonella bacilliformis

Kissing fever / glandular fever - infectious mononucleosis caused by CMV

Chagas' disease / mega oesophagus / mega colon / mega ureter - T. Cruzi; transmitted by reduviid bugs/ cone nose bugs

Sleeping sickness- T. Bruzi ; transmitted by tsetse fly

Haemorrhagic disease with renal syndrome - hanta virus

Epidemic typhus - rickettsia prowazeki; transmitted by louse

Endemic typhus - rickettsia TYPHI ; transmitted by rat fleas

River blindness - onchocerciasis ; transmitted by black flies

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