Thursday, 16 January 2014


Photoretinitis is due to?shorter wave length in visible spectrum( blue/violet vth some contribution from UVA
angioid streaks in the eyes are seen in ?PXE,ehler danlos,pagers ds of bone
snow ball opacity in vitreous is seen in ?pars planitis ,sarcoidosis,candidiasis,lymes ds
roth spots are seen in ?inf endocarditis
headlight in fog appearance is seen in ?Cong toxoplasmosis
bullseye lesion seen in?chloroquine
which retinal layer is most radioresistant ?layer of rods n cones(  controversy?)
mizuo phenomenon is seen?oguchi disease
sea fan retina is seen in?many conditions r thr
Most imp is SCA
lattice retinal degeneration seen in?mc in myopia
ring scotoma seen in?RP,High myopia
most frequent cataract type seen in adult retinitis pigmentosa patient is?posterior subcapsular catarct
best diagnostic test for best disease is?eog

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