Thursday, 2 January 2014

One liners

Iron deficient middle aged women with esophageal webs - Plummer-Vinson syndrome

Hematoxylin or eosin? Bacteria – Hematoxylin

Smooth muscle regeneration – labile, stable, or permanent? – Stable

Most common cause of Cushing syndrome - Pituitary adenoma

Most common cause of acute tubular necrosis – Ischemia

Name of tumor when gastric carcinoma spreads to ovaries - Krukenberg tumor

Hypochromatic microcytic anemia with normal iron, TIBC, % sat, and ferritin - Thalassemia minor

Angina characterized by coronary artery luminal narrowing, symptom occurrence during exertion, ST depression - Stable angina

Most common cause of Erysipelas - Strep pyogenes

M3 AML chromosomal translocation - Chromosome 15, 17

Fat, forty, female, fertile, etc. risk factor for - Cholesterol gallstones

Most common type of PUD - Duodenal ulcers (4X more common than gastric)

What mineral is a component of cytochrome a/a3 – Copper

Breast malignancy with tumor cells having halo around the nucleus - Paget disease of the breast (malignant cells invade the epidermis of the skin)

2 most common causes of epididymitis in males less than 35 - Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis

What AD disease is associated with chromosome 4p, does not present until 30’s, involves atrophy of the caudate, dilation of the lateral and third ventricles, and signs of exptrapydramidal lesions - Huntington disesaea

Hep virus that is a small circular RNA virus with defective envelope - Hep D

Hematoxylin or eosin? Fibrin – Eosin

Most common cause of Chancre - Haemophilus ducreyi

Most common Location of ependymomas in kids - 4th ventricle

Type of exudate from meningiococcal infection - Purulent exudates

What condition results from 46XX karyotype and female internal organs with virilized external genitalia - Female pseudohermaphrodite

TA 90 Is a tumour marker for melnoma
What syndrome occurs when pelvic inflammatory disease ascends to surround the liver capsule in violin string adhesions - Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome

Most common Benign tumor of the ovary – Serocystadenoma

What metal poisoning causes mental retardation, somnolence, convulsions, and encephalopathy – Lead

Excessive fibrosis throughout the body via increased fibroblast activity, women>men, 30’s-50’s – Scleroderma

Renal disease in diabetics seen as a halo of capillaries around the mesangial nodules - Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease

Most common Eye tumor in kids - Retinoblastoma

Colon Cancer tumor suppression genes-APC, DCC, p53

Gastric Adenocarcinoma markers-CEA and bombesin

HCC markers-AFP and alpha-1-AT

Pancreatic Cancer tumor suppression gene-DPC

Peripheral nerve tumor suppressor gene-NF-1 (neurofibromatosis 1)

Plummer-Vinson syndrome triad-Dysphagia (due to webs in the upper esophagus), atrophic glossitis, iron-deficiency anemia

Pulseless disease-Takayasu arteritis - stenosis of aortic arch and its large branches with ischemia to upper part of the body

S-100-Marker for melanoma, neural tumors, and astrocytomas

Stomach Cancer tumor suppressor gene-DCC

Trousseau Sign - Migratory thromophlebitis associated with tumors of pancreas, lung, and colon
Chronic granulomatous disease is due to deficiency of ?
NADPH Oxidase..

Chediak Hegashi syndrome is due to?
Defective and delayed phagolysosome fusion.

MMR in India?

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