Thursday, 2 January 2014

One liners

Cancer associated with ret - MEN II and III syndromes

Which form of melanoma has the worst prognosis - Nodular melanoma

Most common cause of hematuria - Infection

What type of hemostasis in an intravascular space consists of fibrin, plts, RBCs, and WBCs? - Thrombus

What cardiomyopathy is due to a ventricular outflow obstruction as a result of septal hypertrophy and leads to sudden cardiac death in young athletes? - Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Most common Primary tumor metstasis to the bone - Breast

Downward displacement of the cerebellar vermis and medulla compressing the fourth ventricle and leading to obstructive hydrocephalus - Arnold-Chiari Type 2

Most common cause of Meningitis in military recruits Neisseria meningitides

Goodpasture Ag is a component of what type of collagen Type IV

Cardiac muscle regeneration – labile, stable, or permanent? Permanent

Most common cause of Meningitis in adults Strep pneumoniae

Most common Route for infectious arthritis Hematogenous

Cancer associated with alkylating agents Leukemias and lymphomas

What syndrome is due to anti-GBM abs directed against the lung and kidney Goodpasture syndrome

Most causative organism of acute acne Propionibacterium acnes
B-cell neoplasm with CD19, CD20, CD5 (T-cell marker), CD23, and CD-10 negative CLL (B-cell origin)

What vitamin is a component of the enzymes fatty acid synthase and acyl CoA Pantothenic acid

What type of erythema is seen in rheumatic fever Erythema marginatum

Form of coarctation of the aorta assoc with Turner syndrome Preductal (infantile)

Granular deposits of IgG, IgM, and C3 throughout the glomerulus Postinfectious GN

Most common cause of chronic pancreatitis Alcohol abuse

Hereditary angioneurotic edema (AD) produces local edema in organs (GI, resp, skin). What enzyme deficiency causes increased capillary permeability due to release of vasoactive peptides C1 esterase inhibitor

Type of Hypersensitivity Rxn: Circulating Ab-Ag immune complexes deposited in tissue result in neutrophil attraction and the release of lysosomal enzymes Type III hypersensitivity (immune complex)

Disorder of bone remodeling resulting in thick weak bones associated with high-output cardiac failure Paget disease (osteitis deformans)

Which hepatitis B Ag correlates with infectivity and viral proliferatioin HBeAb

Term for RBC fragments Schistocytes

Most common Bone tumor Metastatic

What herpes virus is associated with Kaposi sarcoma HHV 8

What cancer of the male genitourinary system is associated with osteoblastic bony metastasis Prostatic carcinoma

What mushroom poisoning is associated with fulminant hepatitis with extensive liver necrosis Amanita phalloides

Does pancreatic insufficiency result in B12 malabsorption? Yes – panc enzymes begin breakdown of B12-R complex in duodenum

Cardiac tumor associated w/ tuberous sclerosis Rhabdomyoma

Three B’s of adult polycystic kidneys Big, Bilateral, Berry aneurysm

Substance used to test plt’s response in von Willebrand disease Ristocetin

Macro-ovalocytes in the peripheral blood smear are formed from what cell in the bone marrow Megaloblasts

Most common heart defect in down syndrome Endocardial cushion defect

What pattern of inheritance is G-P-PD deficiency X-linked recessive

What ovarian disease involves psammoma bodies – Serocystadenocarcinoma

PKU deficiency - Phenylalanine hydroxylase

Which form of emphysema is associated with alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency – Panacinar

Most common lobes affected in herpes encephalitis - Temporal lobes

What is the term for the appearance of the kidney in malignant HTN - Flea-bitten kidney (also seen in pyelonephritis) – has petechiae on it’s surface

What organ must metastasize for carcinoid heart disease to occur – Liver

Most common circulating Ig in plasma – IgG

What is the tetralogy of fallot? - VSD, RVH, overriding aorta, and pulmonary stenosis

Call-Exner bodies - Granulosa/thecal cell tumor of the ovary

What gene inhibits apoptosis by preventing the release of cytochrome c from the mitochondria - Bcl-2

Multiple schwannomas, café au lait spots, Lisch nodules, chromosome 17q - Neurofibromatosis I (Neurofibromatosis II is chrom 22q with no Lisch nodules)

Most common Renal cell cancer type - Clear cell

Most common cause of UTI - E coli

What pancreatic islet cell tumor is associated with hyperglycemia, sweating, hunger, confusion, and icreased C-peptide levels? – Insulinoma

What AD GI neoplasia produces multiple adenomatous polyps, osteomas, fibromas, and epidural inclusion cysts - Gardner syndrome

Hep virus that is an enveloped RNA flavivirus - Hep C

Cancer associated with erb-1 - Squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

Most common CNS infection in AIDS – Toxoplasmosis

Most common Benign breast tumor in females under 35 – Fibroadenoma

What lymphoma is associated with bleeding and cryoglobulin precipitation at low temperatures, headache and confusion due to hyperviscosity, IgM M-protein spike on electrophoresis and Russell bodies - Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia

What CNS developmental abnormality is assoc with 90% of syringomyelia - Arnold Chiari malformation type 2

Notching of the ribs, seen on CXR in pts with postductal coarctation of the aorta is due to collaterization of what arteries? - Dilation of internal mammary arteries
The 4 DNA oncogenic viruses - HPV, EBV, Hep B, Kaposi sarcoma

Glycogen storage disease due to deficiency of muscle phosphorylase - McArdle’s syndrome

Average volume of RBC – MCV

Cancer associated with sis - Astrocytoma

Most common cause of Meningitis in kids 12 months – 6 years - Haemophilus influenza type B

Neurofibrillary tangles – Alzheimers

Cancer associated with chromium and nickel - Bronchogenic carcinoma

What are the 3 main components of amyloid - Fibrillary protein, amyloid protein, and glycosaminoglycans (mostly hep sulfate)

Painless hyperemic lesions on palms and soles associated with bacterial endocarditis - Janeway lesions

What form of hemophilia is x-linked recessive and is due to a deficiency in factor 9 - Hemophilia B

Cancer associated with vinyl chloride - Angiosarcoma of the liver

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