Thursday, 2 January 2014

One liners

1 Sodium fluoride used in the estimation of glucose inhibits which enzyme?-Enolase

2.Which is the rate limiting enzyme in pyrimidine synthesis?-Omp Decarboxylase

3.Which is the best buffer at ph of 7?-Histidine

4.Which immunoglobulin is increased in allergic rhinitis?-Ig e

5.Which immunoglobulin is increased in anaphylaxis?-Ig e

6.Which drug is not used in treatment of anaphylaxis?-Morphine

7.At what level does the thoracic duct cross to the opposite side? I NEED ANSWER FOR THIS ONE PLEASE

8.Which is a bacteriostatic anti tubercular drug?-Ethambutol

9.Which of the following is true about lignocaine?-constituent of emla cream

10.Who discovered penicillin?-Fleming

11.Most common sequelae of Dvt?-pulmonary embolism

12.What is wallerian degeneration?-degeneration distal to injury

13.What is used in treating anaphylactic shock?-5% dextrose

14.Which organ is the last to putrify?-Prostate

15.Which is the most common site of hydatid cyst?-Liver

16.Which is the vector of dengue fever?-Aedes

17.Culex is the vector for?-Japanese Encephalitis

18.Which progesterone implant uses etinorgestrel?-Implanon

19.Which is the most common agent causing malignant otitis externa?Pseudomonas aeruginosa

20.Which is the most common agent causing eriseplas?-streptococcus pyogenes

21.What is the mean duration of maniac phase in bipolar disorder?-2 weeks

22.Which drug inhibits absorption of cholesterol from intestine?-ezitimibe

23.What is the mutation causing sickle cell anemia?-glutamine to valine

24.Which is the index used for contraceptive efficacy?-Pearl index

25.Calculate the case fatality rate? NYBODY FORMULA PLEASE???

26.Which is the abductor of the vocal cord?-Posterior cricoarytenoid

27.Which is the tensor of vocal cord?cricothyroid and cricoarytenoid

28.Which is calculated by rule of hasse?-age of fetus

29.Which agent causes edema of testes?-W.bancrofti

30.Which artery is right gastroepiploic artery branch of?-Gastroduodenal artery

31.drug causIN myopathy?-hydroxychloroquine

32.Syndesmosis is a type of?-Fibrous joint

33.Atlantoaxial joint is a type of?-Pivot joint

34. drug banned by US-FDA?- Gatifloxacin

35.Which drug is being investigated for use in Ca Oesophagus?-Gemcitabine

36.The pituitary secretes all the hormones except?-Thyroxine

37.How many calories and proteins are required during 6-12 months lactation?-400 kcal

38.The following are true about dic except?-Coombs positive

39.Which of the following is a specific stain for lipids?-sudan IV

40.Which is a metachromatic stain for amyloid?-Methyl Violet

41.Which of the following decreases sodium absorption in renal tubules?-ANP

42.What is bishop`s score used for?-progress of labour

43.What does a highly sensitive test detect?-true positives

44.Where are beau lines seen?-nails

45.What does not constitute gradenigo`s syndrome?-sup oblique palsy

46.Which is the rate limiting enzyme?-phosphofructokinase

47.Which is the most common cause of acute pancreatitis?-gall stones

48.Which is the index used to measure contraceptive efficacy?-Pearl index

49.What is the function of glucose in ors?-sodium symport

50.Hutchinson`s triad includes all except?- cataract 

51.Drug of choice for absence seizures?-valproate

52.Which method of sterilization is done in increased pressure?-autoclave

53.Crude birth rate population as on?-1st july

54.Coxsackie virus infection in the oral mucosa called as?-herpangina

55.Which is the coenzyme for carbonic anhydrase?-zinc

61.Which chromosome abnormaility causes retinoblastoma?-chromosome 13

62.Rosettes are seen in?-retinoblastoma

63.Maximum myoglobinuria is seen in?-electrical burns

64.Which ovarian tumour is most radiosensitive? dysgerminoma?? i have a doubt in this please someone confirm...

65.Which process involves transfer of dna through pili?-conjugation

66.Notochord remnant forms the?-nucleus pulposus

67.Which muscle relaxant undergoes hoffmans elimination?-atracurium

68.Short increment sensitivity index(sisi) is for?-menieres disease

69.Which is the most common retroperitoneal tumour?-neurofibrosarcoma

70.Which organ carries the maximum blood?-Veins

71.Which is an example of a negative atain?-Indian Ink stain

72.Background radiation consists of all except?-medical x-ray procedure

73.Which is the drug of choice for cental diabetes insipidus?-desmopressin

74. What is the latest rec in icd to cal perinatal mortality rate?-35cm

75.In which of the following a contact wound causes a star shaped lesion?-Head

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