Thursday, 2 January 2014


1. If external OS seen at introitus , diagnosis is: Uterine prolapse
2. Carcinoma cervix involving upper 2/3rd of vagina are classed as :II A
3. Most common type of benign ovarian tumor during pregnancy is :Mature cystic teratoma
4. The most common type of ovarian tumor is : Cystadenoma
5. Call-Exner bodies are seen in : Granulosa cell tumor
6. Carcinoma cervix is commonest at : Squamocolumnar junction / Transformation zone.
7. Commonest malignancy in woman in India is : Ca cervix
8. Danazol NOT used in : Endometrial ca
9. Ward Mayo's operation is indicated in : Procidentia / Uterovaginal prolapse
10. Treatment of choice for endocervical polyp is: Polypectomy and D& C
11. Suction evacuation can be done upto : 10 weeks
12. In- Vitro fertilisation is indicated in: Bilateral Tubal block
13. How many days after fertilization is placental circulation established: 18-21 days
14. The folds of Hoboken are found in: The umbilical cord
15. The most common lesion of the placenta is: Infarction
16. Zygote with zona pellucida reaches uterine cavity by: 4days
17. Cardiac output during pregnancy is maximum at: 32 weeks
18. The source of HCG: Syncytiotrophoblast
19. Net weight gain in pregnancy is : 24 pounds /11Kg
20. The corpus luteum secretes: Progesterone
21. The maternal blood volume increases by nearly: 15-20%
22. The peak level of chorionic gonadotropin in normal pregnancy occurs at: 60-70 days
23. Post-term pregnancy is that which continues beyond: 294 days
24. Fetal movements can be recognised in USG as early as: 10th week
25. Implantation bleeding is called: Hartman's sign

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