Thursday, 2 January 2014


Microcalcification & Macrocalcification on Mamography :

 Benign lesions of the Breast have following Characteristics :
a) Smooth margin
b) Low density
c) Homogenous
d) Thin halo
e) Macrocalcification ( > 5 mm in diameter)
f) Breast parenchyma norma
g) Nipple not retracted
h) Skin, coopers ligament , ducts sub-cutaneous retromammary space is normal

 Malignant lesions of breast cancer have following characteristics :
a) Ill defined
b) Irregular stellate speculated margins (Comet-tail)
c) High density
d) Not homogenous
e) Wide halo
f) Microcalcification (< 5 mm in diameter)
g) Breast parenchyma – Architectural distortion !!!!!Imp !!
h) Retracted nipples
i) Skin & cooper’s ligament - thickened
j) Ducts – focal dilatation
k) Subcutaneous retromammary space – obliterated

Malignant calcification pattern :
 Clustered Pleomorphic heterogenous microcalcification – granular calcification (< 5 mm in diameter) – s/o carcinoma
 Fine linear or fine branching calcification – often seen in comedocarcinoma

 Scar – coarse and punctate pattern
 Carcinoma – Microcalcification, branching, irregular
 Fibroadenoma – Popcorn, Coarse Granular Crushed stones
 Fibro-cystic disease – Powdery, calcium fluid levels
 Fat necrosis – curve linear

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