Monday, 6 January 2014

Lung involvement in various connective tissue disorders

SLE- PLEURITIS N PLEURAL EFFUSION mainly. Also alveolar edema, hemmorhage, interstitial fibrosis

Sjogren Syndrome
General dryness n lack of airway secrns cause cough hoarseness n bronchitis
Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonitis lymphoma pseudolymphoma n bronchitis n bronchiolitis obliterans

Systemic sclerosis
Diffuse- interstitial fibrosis
Limited-pulm artery htn

cavitating nodules  5-10cm size

b/l hilar LAD
Nodules mainly in midzones
Pleural involvement in 5-7% cases
Bronchostenosis 1-2%

pleural effusion wid low glucose n pH
Lung nodules dat may calcify or cavitate
Diffuse interstitial fibrosis
Caplans syndrome

Classical PAN
No lung involvement

Microscopic pan
URT invovement in 90% pts with nasal involvement as first manifestation of disease.
Both Conductive and SNHL
Lower respiratory tract 95% patients persistent pneumonitis
Mc xray finding pulmonary infiltrate and nodules

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