Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hippocratic face (also known as "Hippocratic facies"; eyesare sunken, temples collapsed, nose is pinched with crusts on the lips and the forehead is clammy)
moon face (also known as "Cushingoid facies")
elfin facies - Williams syndrome
Potter facies - oligohydramnios
mask like facies - parkinsonism
Leonine facies - lepromatous leprosy
Mitral facies - mitral stenosis
Amiodarone facies (deep blue discoloration around malar area and nose)
Acromegalic facies - acromegaly
flat facies - down's syndrome
Marfanoid facies - marfan's syndrome
snarling facies - myasthenia gravis
Myotonic facies - myotonic dystrophy
torpid facies - myxoedema
mouse facies - chronic renal failure
plethoric facies - cushing's syndrome and polycythemiavera
'bird-like' facies- pierre robin sequence
ashen grey facies - myocardial infarction
gargoyle facies - hurler's syndrome
monkey facies - marasmus
hatchet facies - myotonia atrophica
gorilla-like face - acromegaly
bovine facies or cow face - craniofacial dysostosis or crouzons syndrome
marshall halls facies - hydrocephalus
frog face - intra nasal disease
Coarse facies - many inborn errors of metabolism
Adenoid facies - developmental facial traits caused by adenoid hypertrophy, nasal airway obstruction and mouthbreathing; really a form of long face syndrome .

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