Monday, 20 January 2014

Controversial questions

Final answers for some questions (discussed
after lots of heated and no-to-heated debates) :
Mechanism of edema in NS is Na retention>
MC cause of neonatal sepsis(if nothing
mentioned) is Grp.B strep,
MC cause of neonatal sepsis in india : Gram
negative bacteria (Klebsiella>E.coli)
MC cause of acute epiglottitis is Hemophilus
influenzae type B
Avoid conception after rubella vaccination for :
1 month(4 weeks)
MC cause of seizures in infant of diabetic
mothers in 1st 3 days of life: Hypoglycemia
Contraindication to Pneumonectomy in Ca lung
is PaCO2>45 mm Hg
Dose of INH in chidren for prophylaxis is : 10
1st to increase in Vit K def : PT, followed by
MC organism assc with military camp crowding
is : Neisseria meningitides
Never give BCG along with measles
BCG ,opv, ipv can b given upto 5 yr unimm
DPT upto 7 yr child, Td after that
Most imp prognostic factor for wilms tm is :
MC cause of HTN in a child is : Renal
parenchymal disease
Exclusive breast feeding predisposes to def of :
Vit K> Thiamine
Screening for neonate with hypothyroidism:
Heel prick at 72hrs> heel prick after 48 hrs
HCV is associated coomonle with :
Max risk of fulminant hepatitis with :
Least useful test for TB diagnosis in a child is :
Dilutional hyponatremia with increased total
body sodium is seen in acute PEM
VSD is MC congenital heart disease
TOF is MC Cyanotic congenital heart disease
d-TGA is MC Cyanotic heart disease in 1st week
of life
LV output more than RV output due to :
Physiological shunt
CRF with unusually high Hb seen in : PCKD
Children with MDS: MC is monosomy 7;
Adults with MDS : MC is Del 5q;
Overall MC in MDS : del 5q.
MC virus assc with transfusion : HBV>HCV
Poor prognosis in ALL is : age<1yr, >10 yr,
Involvement of CNS & testis, TLC >1 lakh
Macrosomia is weight > 4kg
Symptomatic child with hypoglycemia : Give iv
Bleeding from umbilical stump : Factor 13 def
Delayed fall of umbilical cord : LAD type 2
MC site of lung metastasis : adrenals> liver>
MC cause of pathological jaundice in newborns
is : Rh incompatibility
A child with Low GCS and Raised ICP comes :
Intubate the child

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