Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hallux Abducto Valgus
Bunions are a commohn foot disorder of the inherent bone structure at the front of the foot.
Bunions are not a deformity passed on from previous generations, but certain types of feet are more prone to developing bunions.
Bunions are described as a disorder in which the deviation of the normal alignment of the upper foot begins as the big toe, or Hallux, bends inward toward the smaller toes over a period of time, causing the bone of the big toe joint to protrude towards the inner foot. The misalignment of the big toe can also cause other toes to overlap. The result of this deformity can cause extreme pain and swelling at the protrusion or "bump" and make walking difficult. 
Bunions do not always become inflamed or painful and it is possible to have the disorder without ever having to seek treatment. However, because bunions transform the foot gradually, symptoms usually appear in adults during the later stages of the disorder.

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