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Some points

Q.Hypnogogic hallucinations--->which occur before going to bed/sleep
Q.Hypnopompic hallucinations---->which occur on awakening

Q.1 FADH2 gives rise to how many ATP---->>1.5 ATP
Q.1 ATP leads to generation of----->>7000 calories

Q.Kleine–Levin syndrome ---->>
KLS or
Sleeping Beauty syndrome is a
neurological disorder characterized
by recurring periods of excessive
amounts of sleeping and eating. At
the onset of an episode the patient
becomes drowsy and sleeps for
most of the day and night

9 c in wilsons
chr involment13
copper deposition in hepatocytes
chr active hepatitis
changes(sensory) absent
corneal involvement(kayser fleischer ring)
Pgi type
Which of the following are true
Trasection above pons -respiration normal✅
Damage to pneumotaxic centre-respiration becomes slow and deep✅
Damage to pneumotaxic and vagus-apneusis✅
Damage to vagi-depth of inspiration increased✅
Damage above medulla - irregular and gasping respiration✅
Below medulla-respiration stops✅
DEJA VU- unfamiliar events feel familiar
JAMAIS VU-feeling of strangeness to familiar situations
DEJA ENTENDU-illusion that what one is hearing has heard previously
DEJA PENSE- unfamiliar thought regarded as repetition of previous thought
most common site of Congenital tb
vineyard sprayers lung disease due to--
extended sickness benefit---- 2 years
heart failure cells are stained by-- prussian blue
reilly bodies seen in hurler's ds
brassy bodies seen in malaria
MC substance absuse in pt of schizophrenia is
Nicotine 90%
Alcohol 40%
diagnostic trop I value in mi--
>.2 ng
sirtutuins associated with
mosquito found at all breading places--
(Nuisance mosquito)
aedes called as nuisance mosquito
Most common cause of pyogenic liver abcess --Biliary tract disease
The % of myomas undergoing malignant change: (AI 92)--0.5%
oyster intake assoc diarrhoe caused by
norwalk virus
The distribution of myoma in the body of the uterus is broadly classified as follows
--Intramural (interstitial) 75%
--Submucous 15%
--Subserous 10%
What are basophilic viruses--
Mcc of esophageal rupture-iatrogenic
Mc site of rupture-cricopharynx/cervical
Mc site of spontaneous rupture-left posterolateral of distal esophagus
Rheobase is the intensity of electric current of infinite duration necessary to produce minimum action potential.
Chronaxie (or chronaxy) is the time required for an electric current double the strength of the rheobase to elicite first visible action potential
Peak HCG levels are seen by what intrauterine age --8‐10 weeks
A meniere disease gene is linked to chromosome 12p12.3 but hereditary meniere disease is attributable to mutation on chromosome 6 . Transmission is reported to be autosomal dominant
thornwald's disease
--Abscess in the nasopharyngeal bursa
Bryce's sign seen in
Which poisoning
Dialysis dementia syndrome due to--Aluminium
Saturnism-- Lead
diwali poison--white phosphorus
Legally MTP is defined upto

Synthesis of complements :
C1: intestinal epithelium
C2,4: macrophages
C5,8: spleen
c3,6 9: liver
C7: not known

Martel's sign is seen in--Gout
Martel sign also known as--
A.G sign
B.Rat bite sign

duration of action of flumazenil--20 minutes
half life of digoxin--36 hours
brown tumor of bone- hyperparathyroidism , osteitis fibrosa cystica
brown's sign in-- glomus jugulare
procalcitonin is a marker for neonatal sepsis
   while calcitonin is a marker for medullary carcinoma of thyroid...
lines of zain  is found in arterial clot ... mostly when formed in heart and in aorta
CDH1 GENE associated wit vch malignancy-- gastric cancer
Iodination...15ppm at consumer level
, 30ppm at production level.
0.5-0.8mg/L permissible fluoride level.
mixed lymphocyte culture is used to identify HLA CLASS II
hematoxylin bodies and le cells are seen in SLE
syphilytic aneurysm is called as LEUTIC ANEURYSM
chediak higashi syndrome is due to mutation of LYST GENE
 honey coloured crusts seen in impetigo contagiosum
mcc of post operative late endophthalmitis--
 mc cause of mycotic aneurysm--staph aureus
serous delumiens occurs in sublingual nd submaxillary glands
splashed tomato ketchup fundus appearance in CRVO
cauliflower ear in hamartoma
popcorn calcification seen in
A.pulmonary hamartoma
Molotov cocktail = petrol bomb
Thickest nerve of the body--sciatic nerve
thickest cranial nerve-- trigeminal nerve
Martel sign also known asgout
Mother in law sign seen inmenigioma
Mexican hat sign seen ingi polyp
Hockey stick sign seen intb bladder
KHILKHILAT" run by which programme  nrhm
Katayama test ::  for carbon monoxide
Katayama fever :: due to schistostoma
Takayama test::  for blood stain
kanagawa phenomenon::  vibrio parahemolyticus
Miyagawa bodies::  elementary body of
Nagayama spot:: In roseola infantum
Nakayama strain:: Japanese encephalitis

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