Monday, 9 December 2013


Clang association -- thoughts in mind with rhyming rather than meaning of thoughts
Circumstantiality --- loss of capability of doing goal directed things , express ideas , making irrelevant comments but ultimately succeedin in goin back to original point
Perseveration -- Repetition of movements , acts , words and phrases beyond point of relevance
Confabulation -- defect of memory , it is filling up to gaps by fabrication to cover lapses in memory. Seen in alcoholism
Some points abt dementia --
1. Causes of subcortical dementia are
Parkinsons disease
Wilsons disease
Huntingtons chorea
Supranuclear plasy
Hiv associated dementia
2. Causes of cotical dementia are
Alzeimers disease
Creutzfeldt jacob disease
Picks disease
3. Causes if reversible dementia are
Toxic dementia
Post encephalitis
Vit b12 def

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